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How to work

Step 01

Create Account

When you create acccount fill all details and if already student in Mr.Asela mallikaratha class enter your class barcode number,you are not a class student dont't apply any code.

Step 02


If you already have account,login to your student portal nothing else click create account link to create new student portal

Step 03

All Classes

Log in to the portal and click all classes in left side menu

Step 04

All Classes

After you will display all the classes now available

Step 05

View time slot

If you select view content,you will display all the time slot in classes and class description

Step 06

Subsribe Class

Now you can Subsribe the any class that you want to learn,click the Subsribe button

Step 07

Referance Number

After you Subsribe the class it will display refarance number for the class payment.whrn you pay the bank please add this refarance number bank slip or online banking.

Step 08

Display my class

All the subscription completed it will display your classes and lessons that you can accesss

Step 09

View Lession

You can view your lession cick view now button and please keep remind ,you will view available time slot this is the activated time slot can view these time only.

Step 10

Special Request

If you could not view some video into the available time slot you can make request,click Request to watch again button and type your resons.After the review your request and accept this request you will allocat new time slot to watch this lesson.


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